Guide to at home grooming

We can’t believe we find ourselves in lockdown and our clients having to miss their waxing appointments again. If the thought of not coming to see us is making you reach for the razor read on…

Don't shave, wax


If you’re a regular waxer at The Wax Bar you will know how much of a difference regular waxing can make to your results.

I know I sound like a broken record but If you shave your hair WILL grow back coarser and thicker. Then, when you do return for your next appointment it will be harder to wax making it more painful.

If you have never waxed yourself down there at home before please don’t try now. if not done properly, waxing at home can cause burns and bruises. Not to mention the fact you need to be a contortionist to get to some of the more difficult areas!

So, put down the razors and the home waxing kits and look at our alternatives.


This is our suggested method for those more intimate areas.

It is the best method of hair removal for regular waxes. As hair is not removed from the root, it doesn’t ruin your hair cycle, it’s great for people with sensitive skin and those that struggle with ingrown hairs.

A bikini trimmer. such as these. is the best option as they are specifically designed to be smaller, for easier trimming around the bikini line.  They won’t remove all traces of hair but will keep you tidy until you come for your next appointment.

The other option for trimming is using a small pair of scissors on the bikini line. But please be careful we don’t want anyone having any accidents.

Bleaching/depilatory creams

Lip/chin and sides of face hair can be removed using a suitable facial bleach or cream.

Bleach will not remove facial hair but simply lighten it, it is a good option for people with dark hair. Depilatory cream will remove surface hair, leaving a smooth feel but it won’t last as long as waxing.  Do not use either options on sensitive skin as it can cause irritation.


Normally we wouldn’t suggest touching your eyebrows between appointments, but desperate times call for desperate measures. We recommend plucking stray eyebrow hairs. Do not try to reshape your brows, we don’t want them over plucked and looking like 90’s brows.

Let it grow, let It grow

I can hear you sweating reading this. What better time to let it grow than while we’re social distancing? No one can see your legs or bikini line on those zoom calls.

Letting your hair grow will keep your cycle on track and ready for your next wax post lockdown.

Please remember whatever method of at home grooming you choose, your hair will have to be at least the length of a grain of rice ready for next appointment, so make sure you allow enough time to let it grow!

We can’t wait to make Norwich fuzz free again soon!

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