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Why Is Waxing At The Wax Bar So Painless

Why is Waxing at The Wax Bar So Painless

We often hear from clients, at the end of their treatment ‘OMG that was so painless compared to (insert salon name here)!’

There is a reason for that! We specialise in hair removal, so we kinda know what we’re doing. Having specialised in hair removal for 10 years, we have been able to continue to tweak and adapt our technique to make it the best (and most painless!) available.

Let us talk you through why our waxing is much less painful than other salons.

We only ever use hot wax for delicate areas

We only use Lycon hot wax at our salon. The heat from the wax opens the pores, enabling the hair to come out easier.

We firmly stretch the skin before we pull the wax strip

By firmly stretching the skin we ensure we get a smooth removal of the wax strip without ripping or tugging your skin, making it much less painful.

We get you involved

The Brazilian/Hollywood wax isn’t a spectator sport, which is why we ask you to get involved. We get you to pull the skin taut when we can’t, to ensure a smooth, painless wax.

We trim the hair

If the hair is too long we will trim it before we wax the area, to make it comfortbale.

We apply pressure on the area after the wax is removed

Once we’ve ripped the wax, we apply pressure to the area to minimize the sensitivity of your nerve endings.

We use oil as a barrier

We apply oil to the area before waxing to ensure your skin is protected from the heat of the wax.

We start the Brazilian wax from the bottom

The first area of the Brazilian we wax is actually the bottom. This way we shock your nerve endings, making them less susceptible to pain when we get to the tender areas.

We follow your hair growth pattern

When we wax, we follow your hairs natural hair growth pattern to ensure we don’t get stuck when ripping the wax off.

If you don’t believe us when we say our waxing is far more efficient and less painful, then we recommend you give us a whirl! It won’t be long before we’re the only salon you trust. You can book online or give us a call!


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